2015 Jersey Auction





In support of Lacrosse on the Move

Sponsored by Mike Vanichuk Transport

Your Vancouver Stealth are auctioning off special game-worn jerseys from our game on March 21, 2015. Fans can bid online up until 11:00PM PST on March 20 by clicking on a player and sending in their bid. The auction will then resume at the game (live) on March 21 when doors open at 5:30 PM.

Following the end of the 3rd quarter break, bidders will be asked to check in at the bidding location to see if they won.  If successful, payment will be required and the winners will be presented their winning jersey directly from the Stealth player on the turf following the game.  If an online bid holds up as the winner, the jersey will be retained (not washed) and delivered to the winner at an agreed upon date.

Please note that not all jerseys will be game-worn as not all players will be in the lineup that night.  In addition, these jerseys are intended to fit professional lacrosse players in full gear (and therefore, the jerseys are sized appropriately).

All proceeds from the auction will support the Lacrosse On The Move Fund. Click HERE  for more information about Lacrosse on the Move Fund.


Online Bidding Ends: Friday, March 20 at 11:00PM PST*

Live Bidding Ends: End of 3rd quarter break of the Vancouver Stealth vs. Colorado Mammoth Game at the Langley Events Centre*

How to Bid: Click on desired Player Name below and enter MAX Bid, your name, your phone number and if you would like your jersey signed should you win via online and not be able to attend the game in person*. Bids must be in increments of $25.  

BCLA Jersey


Jersey # Player Name Current High Bid Bidder Name
00 Tyler Richards $250 Samantha Greene
4 Chris O’ Dougherty  $125 Cory Borg
5 Cliff Smith
$200 Mykle-Winkler Family
6 Curtis Hodgson
$300 Craig ‘Woody’ Wood
7 Tyler Digby $175 Jim Else
8 Tyler Hass
$125 AJ Kozlowski
9 Bradley Kri $300 Borthwick Family
10 Rhys Duch
$500 Mike Fitzgerald
12 Kyle Belton $100 Kara Davidson
14 Matt Delmonico
$100 Mike Fitzgerald
15 Ilija Gajic $125 Marko Celic
19 Justin Salt $350 Barbara Kevis
23 Conrad Chapman $500 Kurt Chapman
24 Rory Smith $200 Mike Fitzgerald
32 Mitch McMichael $150 Jacqueline McMichael
45 Corey Small $350 Cheryl Brown
50 Cody Hagedorn $200 Mike Fitzgerald
55 Joel McCready $250 Tenley McCready
61 Eric Penney $200 Brad Husick
63 Brandon Clelland $150 Anonymous
74 Colin Boucher $125 Trystin Boyd
77 Tyler Burton $150 Janet Burton
91 Tyler Garrison $250 Rick Morse
93 Johnny Powless $300 Craig ‘Woody’ Wood
  Chelsey** $75  
  Mikey C** $75  
  Crazy P** $75  
  Bomber** $200  Mike Fitzgerald

Bids must be in increments of $25.

*Please note that the bidding will continue from the online auction into live auction at the game therefore high online bidders are not guaranteed to win their jersey.  If your online bid holds up as the winner, you will be notified by e-mail or phone within 48 hours of auction ending and will be asked for payment – if no payment is received within 96 hours, the jersey will be re-auctioned online.  Once the auction goes live, there can be no more e-mail, text message or online bidding of any kind.  Your name, phone number and maximum bid are required in order for your bid to qualify.  Vancouver Stealth and/or Langley Events Centre staff have the right to refuse any bids placed.  There will be no post-game autographs following the game on March 21 is lieu of the above jersey presentation.

**Game host and mascot jerseys will be worn by the listed person during the game but are not crested with a name or number.

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