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  • Hometown: Forest of the Pacific Northwest
  • NLL Debut: January 9, 2011
  • Fav Colour: Red & Black
  • Fav Movie: The Fox and the Hound
  • Fav TV Show: Anything on Animal Planet
  • Fav Actor: Michael J. Fox
  • Fav Actress: Vivica A. Fox


I am Bomber the Fox, proud mascot of the best team in the National Lacrosse League, the Vancouver Stealth.  Being a part of the Stealth is something I’ve waited for my whole life and here is my story:

I’ve loved lacrosse ever since I was a kit. Growing up with my family in the forest, there were very few lacrosse players to help me practice. I took my lacrosse stick wherever I went. I found a big rock to practice passing and catching, dreaming of the day I could take my skills to the pros.

One day in 2010, my mother took me on a hunting trip to teach me how to catch food since I was a year away from leaving the den out on my own. Food was hard to find that day, we traveled farther than normal, closer to where humans live. Little did I know, that hunting trip would change my life.

My mother had chased a rabbit off into the woods while I continued to search, where a man was fly-fishing nearby. He saw me and slowly approached. Mother always told me to run from humans, but I could sense that he was not dangerous. He asked my name and I told him I was Bomber the Fox. He noticed my lacrosse stick and told me his name was Doug Locker, President & General Manager for the professional lacrosse team just outside of the forest, the Vancouver Stealth.

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest! I loved to hear stories of the Stealth, with players like Rhys Duch, Corey Small and Logan Schuss dominating the other teams in the NLL. And now they are right in my back yard? It was a dream come true.

When my mother and I returned home, I told her of my encounter with Doug Locker. She told me I was still too young to leave the den. She said if I was going to try to join the Stealth, I needed to practice my reading every day and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

For a year, I trained for my chance to join the Stealth. When I was old enough, I left the den and headed to the Langley Events Centre to try out for the Stealth. I made the team and got to run out onto the turf to join the team! One of the world’s most famous Native artists, Marvin Oliver, even designed a logo of me after I made the team!

I write my mom every week, and told her that I started Bomber’s Book Club to help others with their reading just like she did for me. She’s always worried that I have enough to eat, but I told her that with the Stealth, I get to eat a lot of Rush, Roughnecks and Rock (she didn’t know what the Rock were, but I told her they are delicious!).

I’ve made so many friends since joining the Stealth and I can’t wait to make even more! See you at the Langley Events Centre in 2018!




This is my logo designed by the famous Northwest Native artist Marvin Oliver (Quinalt).

The logo utilizes colors common to Northwest Native art, which are also the Stealth colors. Mr. Oliver is as clever as a fox and if you look closely, you can see a lacrosse ball in my logo. 

Mr. Oliver and his family are frequent visitors to Stealth games, which makes me happy!

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