Captain's Blog: On the Floor, Behind the Scenes & Words to Remember

We’ve asked Stealth Captain Jason Bloom to provide us with his thoughts on the season through five games: kind of a “State of the Stealth Address”.  In his first “Captain’s Blog” (tentatively named as such until we are provided with a better moniker), Bloomer gives his thoughts on the 5-0 start and provides some extra insight to his teammates and coaches.  Then for fun, we asked him to offer up some terms of the turf with a Canadian twist (he is from Vancouver after all) for those of you that might be new to the indoor lacrosse game.


Well, we’re 5 games into the season and have 5 big wins under our belts so far…tying the number of wins the Seahawks had in all of 2009 (a little trash-talk never hurt anyone)!  To be honest, we knew in training camp that we had a very skilled and athletic team, but didn’t necessarily expect to shoot out of the gates as quickly as we have.  In our league, on any given night, there is so much talent on the floor that any team can upset any other team, regardless of the standings and that you can also never take any player or team for granted.  That being said, we’ve been successful thus far for a few simple reasons- we’re playing very unselfishly, understand and have taken pride in our specific roles, and just as importantly, truly enjoy playing and battling for the guy suiting up next to us.  Every game we have different guys step up, which makes it pretty fun to show up to the arena each and every weekend.

We’ve definitely enjoyed the reception we’ve had from our new fans and new city and want to thank all the loyal fans who’ve followed us to Everett.  To help you get to know our team a little bit better, here’s a few things you may not know: 

Jeff Zywicki not only is the leading scorer of our team and in the NLL, but he also dominates the weekly team card games…Assistant coach Art Webster apparently (it was announced during our team flight to Calgary, so it must be true) recently won a gold medal at the state of Washington bare-back bull riding championships…that’s weird Artie, but I guess a congratulations is in order… Matt Beers might be one of the best rookies I’ve ever played with, but is definitely not a threat in Mariokart (neither is Dalgarno, but Hartzell and Tommy Johnson give me a run for my money, even though TJ cheats)…Lewis Ratcliff and Paul Rabil are absolute freak athletes, have the ability to play until they’re 54 and our defense is glad that we only have to practice against them…Travis Gillespie has a mean moustache…it actually growls at you if you look at it too long…T-Rich and Roiker are definitely crazy for standing in front of Duch’s 100+ MPH shots and DeWolff’s shots (no one knows where they’re going- including Wolfy), and we’re lucky to have two of the best back there…even though Sedgie and Hodgie are in their late 30′s and recount the “good-ole days”, MASH, and having to walk to school uphill in the snow both-ways, they’re playing like they’re in their early 20′s…Pete Morgan can score from any angle, can excel at any position on the floor and can literally tie his shoes standing straight up…the trio of Grimes, Martin (Meat) and Sorenson are three of the most underrated players in the league…hands-down…Koesterer is a great road-roomate until he asks Locker to trade you for Hunt and a first-round pick in next year’s roommate draft…


Here’s a few Canadian-influenced words to add to your Lacrosse Dictionary:


Chirping/Gumming (verbs)
1. Trash Talking.  Eric Martin was chirping/gumming that guy for taking a bad penalty.


Apple & Gino (nouns)
1. An assist & a goal.   Jay-mo (Jamieson Koesterer) had a nice apple on a gino by Wiles. 


Gearbox (noun)
1. Bad Player. That gearbox has no idea what to do on defense.


Plumber (noun)
1. A poor player, but not as bad as a gearbox. That plumber hasn’t made a good pass all game.

Rhubarb (noun)
1. A bad pass. Often referring to an imaginary rhubarb patch where the ball landed. Coach needs to pull that plumber who keeps tossing rhubarb to his teammates.

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