Questions for the Coach

The Dowling Diary – Questions and Answers with Stealth Head Coach Jeff Dowling. Meet new coach Jeff Dowling. This is his first year as head coach with the Stealth and he wants to bring a more up-tempo style to 2009. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO EMPHASIZE WITH THIS YEARS TEAM? One of the main things is going to be speed, transition and athleticism.? I want to make sure we are working as hard as we can, up and down floor.? I want other teams to adjust to our athleticism. IF I’M A FAN COMING TO THE HP, WHAT AM I GOING TO SEE DIFFERENTLY FROM LAST YEAR? I do think that you will see a lot more goals coming from the defenders than in the past.? I’ve always been a big believer that you start from the back end and those guys have to be given the green light to go to the net.? It’s easier to score a goal in an odd man rush than to score five on five and we have to take advantage of our athleticism. YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPERIENCED COACHING DEFENSE AND OFFENSE; DOES HIGHLIGHTING THE TRANSITION GAME INCORPORATE BOTH? I think for the most part, I’ve been a defensive coach at this level.? I really, truly believe that anyone who’s on the floor needs to be a threat with the ball and has to have the confidence to score.? As coaches, we have to show that we believe in them. IN TRAINING CAMP WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH? On offense we want to set up a system where the players are accountable for what they do.? We want to be free-wheeling and do what comes natural to them.?That having been said, we want them to understand that if they make a mistake, or if something happens that was unexpected that we have a backup plan and that we don’t get scored on in reverse transition.? I think that?s a big thing for our guys. I SEE YOU PLAYED FIELD LACROSSE UNTIL 2005? I actually played last?summer here in Ontario for the Brooklyn Barrage.? I wish I could play more but I just don’t have the time. HOW MUCH INFLUENCE DID YOU HAVE IN THE DRAFT? Johnny is ultimately the decision maker, but he is very committed to having people around him involved and providing input and collectively talking about what we want to do.? Really with the draft, it was a collection of Bob Allan, Doug Locker, Johnny and me talking about who would be best for our team. WHAT DO THE FIRST THREE GUYS IN THE DRAFT BRING TO THE STEALTH? Paul Rabil can be a very dominant force in the league.? He’s big, strong, fast and has a very good stick.? It does not hurt that he shoots the ball hard and fast.??Everything I’ve seen from him playing at John’s Hopkins and at the combine tell me that he’s a guy who will be able to play the indoor game.?I think he’ll show in his first year that he belongs in the NLL and we are expecting good things from him.? Rhys Duch, the 3rd pick in the draft, has grown up playing lacrosse and knows the indoor game well.? He had a good career at Stony Brook and a good summer with the Victoria Shamrocks.? He’s probably going to do similar things that we saw from Frank Resetarits last season, and maybe a bit more as there is more of an opening with Wiles (Luke) not being there.?He is going to be living in San Jose and should also be visible in the community.? Kevin Huntley is a great left handed shooter.? Everyone that I’ve talked to has said that he’s pretty much a steal at number five (overall).? I’m pretty excited about getting him in the lineup and having a guy like Colin Doyle working with him will just be a huge benefit for us.
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