Rabil Prefers Big Crowds and Video Blogs

What’s up Stealth fans?! This past weekend was an awesome experience getting a chance to play in front of one of the largest crowds we have had in San Jose. You know what? Sometimes I think people take for granted the success some other teams have with their loyal fan base and popularity. We had almost 7 gur? (is that the way you spell it? A lot of the fellas on our team say “gur” instead of “K”, “grand”, “cash”, “g’s”, “thousand”…you get it) at the HP Pavilion. I mean, come on…those of us who can remember our college days playing big games, having 7,000 fans in attendance was considered pretty large…I remember our biggest game of the year at Hopkins was always against our rivaled Maryland Terrapins. At Homewood, the game would draw 10,000 people and would be absolutely crazy. At MD, because of the stadium size, we would get close to 15,000 people…Anyways, if you don’t catch my drift you are either, A. don’t give a flying hoot, or B. I am a terrible writer…But to make it clear, playing in front of 7 gur was awesome and can’t wait to get back in the HP. So let’s get on with it. In case you haven’t noticed, my blogs are pretty sloppy. Most of the time I think I just sit down and start typing whatever first comes to my head from the past weekend. BUT, fear not, there is a reason behind this…Now typically I am not known to be someone who likes to point the finger at another, but in this case, my blogging credibility is at stake, but more importantly, my terrible writing technique and grammar has been exposed for far to long. You see when we first arrived at camp, the Stealth Organization gave us each these handheld bloggers called “Iflip’s”. You can see these puppies to work more on www.laxunited.com…Originally, my blogs were supposed to be creative and done via film, however two things have occurred. First, I am not as witty as my friend Michael Doneger, who has managed to get his “mocumentary” blogs up on insidelacrosse.com, and Second, Doug Locker has yet to figure out how to upload video on the Stealth website. Now please don’t get me wrong. I am in no way meaning to emphasize that I would dish out a sweet video blog. Quite the opposite. BUT! What I can promise are short, random clips of daily activities that might bear small interest. I can tell you that it is definitely more entertaining to watch short video that gets to the point than crawling along with a written blog that takes a while to get to the point (reek reek)….What I can promise, you ask? Well, I can promise a couple clips from the golf course that I had the pleasure of swinging at during our bye weekend last week. I can also promise a video blog showing all you non-Chipotle eaters, the best and most ultimate Chipotle burrito order. That being said, here’s to those who have stayed around to read about what I have yet to provide in my blogs! So while I still have your attention I’d like to talk briefly about the past weekend and on to the next… As we all know by now, the NLL continues to get shaken up each week. There is not a team that isn’t in the playoff picture, so every game is a crucial one. We were very fortunate to get out of the Colorado game victorious, as they have proven that they can beat any team out there. So for us to get back in the win column is a huge step which we will hopefully be continuing. This weekend we get to stay on the East Coast. I’m super excited about this for obvious reasons, but it’s also a great refresher to know that we are going to compete against out-of-conference teams. Boston and New York in a double header on Saturday and Sunday night! Be there or be square…corny, I know. I need videooo. Ha. Rabes

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