Rhys Duch Q & A: Lacrosse the Pond

Stealth forward Rhys Duch is representing Team Canada at the World Lacrosse Championships in Manchester, England. It’s been a busy trip for all the athletes with games nearly every day, but #10 took a few minutes away from “the pitch” to answer some questions about his first international tournament experience.

What has it been like playing in England? How are the crowds?  The atmosphere?
RD: Considering its been raining the whole time, the crowds have been great! There are always a group of patriotic fans supporting their country no matter what pitch they are playing on. And the sell out crowd for the US vs. Canada game was loud and intense right from the get go.

How does it feel to be playing for your country?
RD: Representing your country is something an athlete dreams about his entire life. So all I can really say is its a dream come true and I’m hoping to do them proud!

We know Canada and the US are the big guns in the tournament. How do the other teams stack up? How lacrosse is developing worldwide?
RD: The level of play is exciting on many levels. The US and Canada are still on their own level, but there have been a whole bunch of close games. I think Australia went to overtime with England and Japan. Talk about exciting! This tournament is also the largest gathering of countries to date. Teams like Mexico and Bermuda are here for the first time, and that says a lot about how the sport is taking off around the globe.

Team Canada is the lone undefeated team in the tournament.  What do you expect for the rest of the tournament?
RD: We were the first Canadian team to go undefeated in the round robin.  Our goal is to obviously keep that going and take home the gold.

Overall, how has the experience been for you so far?
RD: This whole experience has been amazing. Aside from the weather and cafeteria food, I have no complaints. It is a real honour to play next to and against the best in the business.

Check back for more from the Stealth players taking part in the World Championships, including some phone interviews when they return home.  For more on the World Championships, including stats and schedules, visit www.2010worldlacrosse.com.

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