Schuss ranked #40 by Inside Lacrosse

Inside Lacrosse has Logan Schuss at #40 on their top 50 player rankings. The following is what staff members of Inside Lacrosse had to say about Logan:

The shooting skills of Schuss were no secret. It’s a large part behind why he was the No. 1 overall National Lacrosse League entry draft pick by the Minnesota Swarm in 2013. And while it’s clear that his shot is what’s made a name for him, it’s equally as clear that his game has progressed to the point of making him one of the Top 50 players in lacrosse today.

The 73 points that Schuss scored as a rookie with the Swarm led to Rookie of the Year honors and validated Minnesota’s decision for the No. 1 pick. The logical progression is to ask about a sophomore slump and although he missed the first 2 games of 2015 because of work, it didn’t take long to rule out the idea of any kind of slump slowing his roll.

He played 9 games with Minnesota and carded 32 points on 14 goals and 18 assists before a trade sent him closer to home to play with the Vancouver Stealth. There, he had 34 points on 8 goals and 26 assists, proving that he can help just as well as he can finish.

There were no playoffs for the Stealth and he missed the Major Lacrosse League field season because of the aforementioned work duties. He did have time for Western Lacrosse Association ball, though, and led New Westminster in regular-season scoring with 68 points (23-45), tops on the team in both goals and assists. In New West’s 9 playoff games, Schuss had 23 points (9-14).

Schuss is a shooter, no question. That’s what he was put on this lacrosse earth to do. But in his 2 NLL seasons and 3 WLA seasons, he’s shown a progression that’s expanded his role beyond that, giving him another dimension that makes him even more dangerous as a player, not just a shooter. It’s a progression that will undoubtedly continue elsewhere, as well, as in the Top 50 list in years to come.

Marty O’Neill

Schuss is a deadly powerplay trigger man who has one of the quickest releases in the game. Coming over to Vancouver is proving to be a challenge in an environment with other big time shooters in the lineup. Schuss needs to build out support parts of his game to max out his potential. 

Stephen Stamp

I remember watching Schuss in his first NLL practice with Minnesota and thinking, “This kid can shoot.” It took him a while to adjust to the pro league and diversify his game, but he appears to have settled in and established himself as a solid contributor who can still shoot the lights out on a given night but is more well-rounded and can be productive even when shooting chances aren’t materializing for him. Just look at his last three games with Vancouver last season, in which he scored 18 points of which only 4 were goals. Scoring 22 goals as opposed to the 36 he put up in his rookie year stemmed partly from a lower shooting percentage, but I also saw development in his game as a feeder, which is evidenced by the 44 assists he posted in 16 games versus 37 in 18 games as a rookie.

Bob Chavez

He makes it look so easy as a natural scorer. The flow and rhythm to his style is poetic at times, a spectacle to admire and behold. But underneath that beauty is a killer instinct that can demoralize goalies who think they have all the angles covered before the ball arrives in the stick of Schuss. He’s a fantastic asset on the left side and it’s going to be exciting to see what unfolds for the Stealth this coming season with the revamping it’s done up front. 

*Courtesy of Inside Lacrosse

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