Sticks-2-Schools Continues in Everett School District

Just two days after the Washington Stealth won their second straight game, pulling them to one and a half games out of first place in the National Lacrosse League’s West Division, they continued to roll through the Everett School District with the Sticks-2-Schools program. On March 7 and 8, Stealth All-Star forward Rhys Duch was at Heatherwood Middle School teaching students about the game of lacrosse and the importance of physical fitness.


“Lacrosse involves aspects of many sports and combines them into one. It involves an elaborate skill set and a lot of team play,” said Duch. 


One common theme reappears at every school visit: the students are excited about lacrosse and learning a new sport that they do not know much about. 

“I really like the team play of lacrosse and being with friends,” said Alex a student at Heatherwood, who had the opportunity to experience Sticks-2-Schools. “I really enjoyed being put into teams and racing against each other today.”


The first chance to experience the Sticks-2-Schools program was presented to teachers from all around the district at Heatherwood Middle School just over a month earlier. Not only has Sticks-2-Schools brought energy and been a learning experience for the students, but it has done just that for the teachers as well. 


Suzi, a Physical Education teacher at Heatherwood Middle School thought highly of the day. “Lacrosse is a sport that the students have not seen much of,” she said.  “It is a sport that is engaging and something that they have bought in to. Today they tried something that was out of their comfort zone and had a lot of fun with it. This program gets kids involved. Lacrosse is not a typical sport and this gives them a chance to see if it is something that they want to pursue as well as teaching them to stay active.”


Duch is learning alongside the students and teachers. “ I am learning that you have to deal with individuals differently. Everyone has a different learning style and you need to cater to that.


“I really enjoy when there is someone who has not played before but through the Sticks-2-Schools program, they develop an interest. It is definitely a positive feeling.”


The Washington Stealth and Sticks-2-Schools hope to reach at least 20 to 30 schools this year, but would like to reach more. “Were excited about it, the teachers are excited about it and so is the Everett School District,” said Breanna Kernan.

Fundraising is ongoing. Businesses and individuals with an interest in partnering with Sticks-2-Schools and the fight against childhood obesity should contact Sitcks-2-Schools Director Breanna Kernan at (425)322-2623 or For more information on the Sticks-2-Schools program, visit

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