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8+1=Rabil Blog #2

01/21/2009, 4:00pm PST
By Paul Rabil
What’s up San Jose?!! I’m beginning to realize more and more why you say the West Coast is the Best Coast…come on, 75 degrees on January 18th?!…I landed in Washington Dulles on Monday morning and it was 16 degrees! I flew back in a nice button down and shorts and when I landed and stepped outside I felt like my legs were in an ice bath back in the locker room…I could get used to the winter heat. How about this weekend? We’re pretty pumped to get the first “W” under our belts. The best part about it was winning at home in front of our fans. Tell ya what though, it was a great honor to be on the floor with the sports greatest player. I was having a quick talk with Tommy Johnson during warm-ups as we glanced over to Rochester’s side. We stood there and couldn’t believe that Gary Gait scored 5 goals last week in his 40’s. Whether he’s lost a step or not, he’s still the greatest. TJ made a great point too…he said, we may not even have the opportunity to be playing in this league if it wasn’t for him…so big props to #22. Thanks again. Recently, especially on my home blogs, I’ve been getting some questions on my number choice of 81...I’ve realized, and wanted to point out, what I think about when it comes to jerseys…So first, what’s most important to me on my jersey is my team name, the teammates I play for…then, since I was younger, it’s always been # Nine. But what can I do to adapt to different situations that I’ve had?…Well, as a player, I’ve decided to evolve the number 9… In middle school and high school I was #9. My freshman year in college, Matt Rewkowski wore #9, so I took #19. Sophomore year through Senior year I went back to my roots, at #9…When I got drafted by the Cannons, #9 was taken by Tom Zummo…so I took #99. I was able to evolve my game to fit that mentality of playing with a higher number. Really, I wanted to try something fun and different…and it was fun. Now…I face one of the biggest challenges in lacrosse I have ever met, playing in the NLL. Again, one of the most prolific scorers in the league has #9, Mr. Z…but this time, I want to do something different, because really, my game will be different in box…so I took #81. 9X9, 8+1. You choose…but I stayed true to my roots and kept a bit of #9 with me. Talk to you soon! #81

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