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Rabil in The Great White North

01/28/2009, 12:18pm PST
By Paul Rabil/Travis Gillespie
Week two to week three has been very different in many ways… The biggest difference however, was dipping from 75 degrees Fahrenheit…to –24 degrees Celsius! Yikes, you know it’s cold out there when it hurts to breathe…Born and raised on the East Coast, I’m no stranger to the cold air (ah, as I can remember the blizzard of ’96. 24 inches of snow and two straight weeks of cancelled school)…Apparently, this happens in Canada pretty often, and the cab driver told me it even happened up in Calgary about a month ago…Sweet Lincolns Mullet! Anyways…I figure with all of this blogging going on out there, be it at InsideLacrosse.com, Laxunited.com or NLL.com, I figured it was time to step my game up…No, no video quite yet, although Doug Locker made me promise I would have one for next week…but this time I am going to do something nobody else has done…not sure? Well, I’ve hired a ghost writer…(he actually came to me). Apparently, last weeks blog wasn’t up to par to what one of the kind Vets on our team wanted it to be. So, I told him if he wanted to ghost write, then he’s got it (again, he actually made that suggestion and I’m just playing along…what am I gonna say no?!) Enjoy…Paul’s blog, in the third person…written by Travis Gillespie: …one more comment: I reserved the editors right to create this in a “PG” format. -----81, Welcome to Canada---- “After a busy week doing photo shoots for fruit of the loom and Old Bay seasoning I was excited to get on a plane and take Rabil’s Army north of the border. I have actually been to Canada once before on a fishing trip but I was 6 and don't remember much (except catching crabs from a French (No thanks Travis…)). I had a great flight on Air Canada and upon arriving I spent a couple minutes catching up with the team in the baggage area. After grabbing my gear I got my first taste of "The Great White North." I don't know how Celsius works but the guys told me it was -25 without the wind chill. I could actually feel my Under Armour body suit climb up my spine. We all headed over for a practice and I got some great tips about shooting on one foot from Grimesy and coach Hall drew up an easy to follow play with a couple X's, three O’s and four squiggly lines all made on an etch-a-sketch. We broke up into a couple groups and headed out for our pre-game meals. Half the group was treated to dinner at the Keg by Mike Kirk and Z who lost at credit card roulette. I decided to try out the scene and fetched a couple of angry whoppers at Burger King (Note: I actually enjoyed a great pasta and chicken dish with Manney, Dalton, Hartzell, Sorenson, Boldy and Meat). Why don't we have fries, cheese and gravy in the USA??? As a rookie I am responsible for several things. One of these duties is to bring (beverages) to the locker room for post game re-hydration. I have always known that Canadians are superior (beverage) makers but I did not know that it would cost me a games pay to buy 12 of them. Game-we lost. After the game I was treated to everything that is great about Canada. (Suggestive Content). We got VIP'd into the back door of ROADHOUSE. I think Canadian women really liked my pink tie, green shirt and brown shoes. Everyone had a great time at the bar. Brett Manney treated the team and the bar to a dancing exhibition after hours. This week I am preparing for our game against Edmonton by watching tapes of the 83 Oilers and doing day 38 of P90X. PR81” …Although I find myself wondering where this humor all came from, it’s no wonder Gillespie is one of the coolest guys on the team…next to Tommy Johnson of course. Talk to you next week, hopefully with our second “W” Paul-

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