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Rabil Blog: A Stealth "W" and a Super Sunday

02/03/2009, 6:08pm PST
By Paul Rabil
Stealth Fans… Hope everyone had a happy Super Bowl. I know, the 49er’s didn’t even make the playoffs, or the Raiders for that matter…but then again, neither did the Redskins. So I am joining you in a big, fat I don’t really care whether the Steelers or Cardinals hoist the trophy. What a game though, huh? That's two years in a row where we've been treated to an awesome game...All of these polls are out comparing the two best catches in Super Bowl history now with Santonio Holmes entering the picture with Tyree's catch last year against the Pats...Who do you think had a better catch?...Honestly, I think you still have to give it to Tyree. Even though it was a first down and didn't count for "6", that catch off his helmet was NUTS…Plus, he had one of the games best DB's of all time, Rodney Harrison, ripping him down by his arms, and somehow, made the catch. I'm a fan of what Coach Belichick did in Boston by going 16-0 in the regular season, and it was pretty tough watching that loss in the last game. So from a history and impact point of view, Tyree's catch was epic... Anyways, I'll get back to the Super Bowl in a second... We had our 5th game of the season this past weekend against a tough Edmonton team. It was our 3rd home game, which always gives us a big advantage. Plus, you can call it an even bigger advantage that Edmonton had already played once that weekend and we were fresh...so obviously, it was pretty important that we took advantage of that. Again, our Vets stepped up and brought us the victory. Cam Sedge had a huge game with 4 goals and our D hung a few goals for us that has a gigantic impact on any game. Plus, having one of the best goalies in the league always helps...(Ok. Now that I gave the big shout-outs, hopefully my Rookie hazing will be cut back this coming week)...But really, can't tell you how much I am learning and adding to my game from playing with the older guys and more skilled guys on SJ. From defence to stick skills, everyone is sharp and super competitive, which is always contagious...so I'm learning a lot. One of the better parts of the weekend, I’d say, was getting a chance to go out and do clinic for a local private high school with C. Doyle. Always good to get out and meet some new young kids learning the game (although there were a few guys that could really rip the cheddar). More importantly, though, was that I got to shoot on the 6X6 again…For me, the thing looked huge compared to what we’ve been playing on. For Doylie, it must feel like throwing a small hot dog down a hallway…the guy never misses. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to look at the 4X4 and see a big net, ha. Now shifting away from lacrosse and back to the heavy Sunday festivities, in which I am semi-bitter right now...mainly because of the timing of life in general. Best part about Holidays and the Super Bowl is the anticipation. Nothing is better than the excitement and countdown to these time's of the year, but once it's over...there's nothing worse. Fortunately, We're in the middle of the season, and back at Hop they are still in 3 hour preseason practices...yuck (don’t miss that). BUT, to keep the Super Bowl spirit alive, I've created my own 'Top 5 Super Bowl Commercial List". Feel Free to add and have a great week! Paul TOP 5 SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS #5.) Thank God for lacrosse...all I have to say. Career Builder Commercial
#4.) Big Alec Baldwin Fan... HULU's Spot
#3.) All of these Athletes are ridiculous...have to give them shoutouts. They are "G" "G"
#2.) Yup, the babies are hilarious... ETRADE SPOT
AND Numero Uno.) My wildcard pic...I've seriously watched this commercial 5 times today online... Something about this cat. CHEETOS SPOT

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