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Rabil Blog: The Kiss Cam

02/10/2009, 11:23am PST
By Paul Rabil
Hey Stealth Fans – How do ya do? …Me?…I’m kinda buggin’ out right now being it our bye week and already Game 7 of the season approaching…yikes, time really flies by when you’re in lax season, ha! But seriously, I always felt that Spring always came and went faster than any other season because we get so caught up from game to game, that we lose track of what goes on in between. The NLL season is even longer than college, but it sure as heck doesn’t feel like it. So I wanted to talk about a few things that went on this past weekend in Portland. First of all, it was my first time out in that city, and I had no idea how famous Brandon Roy is until I saw his big mug on the side of three buildings…but that has little to do with lacrosse. We were unfortunate this weekend to end up on the wrong side of things in a tough loss to Portland. Another great team in the West…feels like it’s never ending. I realized on my flight back that what they say in the NFL all season may not be as much of a cliché as we may think. You know, how “any given week any given team can beat anyone”? Well, I’ve never been a part of a league where that doesn’t hold up quite like the NLL. I guess you can make that claim in college, but the truth is, there are levels of talent that are different in college. Bottom line, some teams are way more talented than others. What I’m figuring out here in the NLL is that every player through every roster is super talented, but not only that, it’s really the team that shows up all 4 quarters every night that wins… So, there’s my vent for the week. Let’s move on to some other pretty interesting stuff that went down in Portland… I’m sure everyone knows about the infamous “KISS CAM” that all of these arenas in every which sport are doing now right? Yeah yeah the camera flies through the crowd and finds cute couples to make out for everyone else to see, yada yada…then in the end the camera typically likes to zoom in on two of the players from the opposing bench (funny, NOT)…So I’m resting during a timeout next to Wick and we’re on the bench. Sure enough this KISS CAM starts and the crowd (which was pretty big by the way) starts to get louder and louder. As soon as this usually happens a clock goes off in my head and I begin a countdown of when not to look up. In the meantime though, I like to take an occasional glimpse to see if there’s anything groovy going on in the stands (I don’t know why I said groovy, I guess its better than the stereotypical lax term, “sick”)…Anyways, towards the end of the song the crowd gets super loud, and I’m thinking, “ok, there’s about a 50% chance this is showing me and Wick here”…then all of a sudden Wick looks up and I’m thinking, “ha, he just got GO… and I’m not gonna give in to this and get caught looking up at the Jumbo to see my ugly mug and Z’s”…sure enough, the joke was on me. …APPARENTLY, in Portland, they don’t show the opposing team’s players in the KISS CAM, no…they like to find two hot chicks in the audience and try and persuade them to kiss. So, trying to be a tough guy I stared at the carpet while everyone else and their brother were entertained with a nice little something like this… (photo removed) …Well, maybe not that sweet, but I heard the two chicks were pretty gnarly (Again, trying to avoid the word, “sick”) and they were legit making out. So basically Portland was pretty cool for doing that, and not so cool for beating us in our game… Anyways, from reading the blogs and watching the other games ONDEMAND, seemed like it was one hell of a week in the NLL. Really making me enjoy more and more the intensity and entertainment that the NLL provides us all. Be safe, Happy Valentines Day and Go Hopkins, beat Cornell! Paul

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