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Rabil Blog: What's A Wahoo?

03/25/2009, 11:31am PDT
By Paul Rabil
Hey there Stealth Fans,

I come to you this week bearing some half-way decent news…
We got back on the winning track this weekend, more reason to come to the game this Saturday against Portland, part of our double-header this weekend that will once again provide us with an opportunity to get back into the playoff hunt.

We came into this past weekend pretty desperate for a win. Our team hadn’t won since Colorado, which counting the All-Star break, was almost an entire month ago. I’ll tell you something, it’s happened to me once before, but going without a win for an entire month can be pretty painful. It definitely made the win more enjoyable. More importantly, however, you realize that you definitely don’t want to become accustomed to losing. I was once told this growing up by the best Coach I’ve ever had, he said, “The more you lose, the more you become accustomed to it…and the more you become accustomed to it, the less you expect to win. Without expecting to win, you can’t”. (Side note: that was pretty long, and I have to be honest, it may not be word for word, so I’m not sure if it’s “legal” to use the quotes, but we’ll ignore that anyways)…I’ve always made sure that as an athlete, I never get used to losing games, even if my team goes on a bit of a skid. As we talked about in the locker room, the most important thing you can have each game is confidence in your play, and your ability to win. Fo sho…

Now that the college season is at its midway point, there has been some solid info to talk about, more importantly, a huge game (and small let-down) from this past weekend at one of Hopkins bigger rivalry games against #1 Virginia. Unfortunately, the “Wahoos” pulled it out and Steve Holmes won some bragging rights in San Jose this weekend…It was great to see Homewood field filled to the brim with fans despite it being Spring Break in Baltimore. The jays had the lead in the 4th quarter 15-14 and ended up losing 16-15…so much for those who thought the young guns can’t put up some points! I guess more importantly, I wanted to pose a question (or a thought for lack of comments) as to what a “Wahoo” is? Personally, I believe that any team or university with multiple mascots needs to pick one…not a fan of that. Are you the Cavaliers or the “mystical” Wahoos?…Maybe I’m taking it a bit far but this small stuff always bothers me a bit. And who knows, maybe someone will respond and say, “hey idiot, a wahoo is a cavalier”…although I really doubt the case, and in this situation, I am not going to look it up because even if that is the right interpretation, most people wouldn’t know that. Wahoooooo…I’d much rather fly high with the birds in blue.

So before I take off I wanted to give you all the lowdown on my NCAA bracketology this year…I started off real hot, then cooled off a bit. Still, a much better bracket than what I can typically produce. I’m traditionally a big ACC guy but Florida State and Wake Forest really killed me, playing to their lesser opponents and losing. Check it out, my final four is:

1.    UNC
2.    PITT
3.    MICH ST

From there I have the Tar Heels taking on Memphis and taking the ‘ship from there…

Talk to you next week,


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