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Rabil's Ready for the Weekend

04/15/2009, 8:30pm PDT
By Paul Rabil
What’s up Stealthers?!

Not gonna lie, pretty pumped to greet you in this blog…
I felt like our potential has been through the roof this season, since day one…at least in my eyes, having the opportunity to play with outstanding pro’s and legends (yes, legends and/or potential legends…cough Rhys cough)…but for some reason we weren’t playing good ball thus far this season. Now let’s face it, that’s the reason why you play the game…talent or no talent, it takes a winner to win. And every team has to find out how to win, every season. The truth is, you hope you find it early on and go undefeated, or with few defeats, but unfortunately for me (I’m not a greedy person I swear) the past 3 seasons of lacrosse (Junior and Senior year at Hop and now with the Stealth) we have started off slowly and found our way.

No jinxing. But I am happy with the simple fact that we have gone from a 3-7 team to a secured playoff team in the West…

Now what’s good with everyone else? OLA and WLA are right around the corner, as is the MLL and the Mann Cup…some solid NCAA lacrosse tournament time is approaching with the big bang on Memorial Day Weekend…it’s an exciting time to watch lacrosse, but a better time to be playing. We’re up in Toronto this weekend for our last regular season game with a little story behind it…

I think I’ve made it pretty well known that I feel super fortunate to have been playing the past 4 months alongside a guy I’ve known for a few years now, but knew little about his game, and even less about his leadership. Now don’t get me wrong, I knew he could dish and dunk, and I knew he was a great captain, but the man literally has strapped us on his back a few games in a row now and brought us back to where we intended on being from the get-go. Colin Doyle has won 5 NLL championships in Toronto (call it the Yankees of lacrosse, the Man United of futbol, the Washington Redskins of the NFL…kidding)…and he’s from there, I believe his wife is from there as well, and he’s playing summer ball there with the Nationals. Amongst his illustrious career, this is the first time he will be playing NLL ball back in Toronto, and we are all excited for him…So this weekend, I know I’ll be playing for the Doylermaker, and hopefully as a team, we can build on some more momentum heading into the second season.



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