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Straight Lacrosse Talk from #81

04/24/2009, 10:26am PDT
By Paul Rabil
What’s up Stealth Fans?

I hope everyone’s week is going well. For me, I’m pumped it’s already Thursday, and for me, that means I get to head out West and hang out with the team for the weekend…

Right now, I’m pretty sure every team in the playoffs is doing the same thing…thinking about their opponents. This weekend, the Stealth guys will meet in San Jose on Friday, practice and study film Saturday, do some fun team stuff, and head back to the lodges on Sunday. I think this is great for the team as opposed to a typical bye week where we don’t get to bond or create some good chemistry on the floor heading into round one.

Last week I had the chance to not only step foot in Toronto for the first time, but to step foot in the Air Canada Center. I’m telling you, I’m not a die hard NHL fan (although I have become more and more interested since the NLL), but this weekend I could really sense the tradition of the Maple Leafs in that arena. Of course, playing in front of over 15,000 fans didn’t hurt either…I can’t say that “I’m beginning to appreciate”, because I’m way beyond that now, but I absolutely have had an unbelievable time this season in the NLL and playing in these arenas…

Now I was thinking the best “blog” things to talk about as we head into the second season…should I talk about the upcoming game versus Portland? I think that would be a bad idea as those ideas need to be developed and refined more and more within the team…Should I talk about the NCAA playoffs? They’re approaching fast, and there are a ton of potential match-ups that could lead to a great Final Four…and how bout Cody Jamison getting the green light this weekend against UMASS?...What about talking about the MLL season approaching us? Training camp officially begins this weekend, and I am missing that for obvious reasons…my question is, when does the Nationals training camp begin? I mean, talk about a team that is fielding the top NLL guys! (Side note: My top 3 Canadians that need to play in the MLL, although I’m sure they’re getting more coin to play Summer Box: Mark Steenhuis, Dan Dawson, Kyle Sorensen…I mean, speaking personally, I’ve had a great time watching them play indoor, I think the sport needs them to get on ESPN2 and show their stuff in outdoor this summer though!)…That was a long side note, but someone needed to address it…In the end, I felt like this blog needed to be what it is, just a few paragraphs in conversation off the top of my head, nothing forced, nothing irrelevant, just some straight talk.

I’m looking forward to next week,


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