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Rabil's Portland Recap

05/07/2009, 12:27pm PDT
By Paul Rabil
Hey Stealth Bombers-

Hope everyone’s doing well-
I’ve been a bit out of touch recently mainly because the intensity of playoffs has kicked up a few notches. For us, the key to success has always been hard work and desire. So for me, especially right now, I want to ramp up the extra work during the days to set myself up to be in the best possible position to win this Saturday…So what does that mean? Well fortunately enough for me, my mother works at a local private elementary school. This place has a back gym with carpet (yeah its crazy, but the bball has NO problem bouncing off that thing, AND it makes it great to play other sports on)…So despite the MISERABLE weather on the east coast this week (and by miserable, I mean it hasn’t stopped raining since I got back from Portland on Sunday), I’ve been able to put in a bunch of extra stick work and shooting in this carpet gym…So pretty pumped about that.

But enough excuses of why I haven’t blogged, because honestly, I didn’t think that was a great one (but moving on…). One of the REAL reasons I haven’t blogged was because I already did one last weekend, but haven’t been able to reach my laptop until today…And by that I mean, for a change this week, I did a weekend blog updated per event I went to (meaning, I blogged each event over the week in Portland)…So here we go.

Wednesday April 29, 2009:


I’ve decided to do this 3 day blog, in hopes that it will end on a positive note. Sometimes I think…or I should say that I really believe in the psychology of sports. Going into games believing that you will win is a task that is “easier said than done”. So, I often find myself doing physical things to prove to myself that it will end the way I intend on it. Example #1: My freshman year in college, I was rooming with Kyle Harrison in the Marriot in Philadelphia Downtown District for the Final Four. Our first game was on Saturday, and had we lost, we would have left directly from the stadium back home…Coach tells us to pack our bags in preparation for any scenario (I don’t think this is a bad move, by the way, every team does it, and it’s more of a maintenance thing). But anyways, both Kyle and I looked at each other (well more Kyle, remember I’m still 18 at the time and am just learning about psychology in sports and team preparation), and we said, we’re gonna win, so leave the bags and we’ll be back to the hotel in 4 hours…we won…in double OT.
…where was I? Oh, packing for my trip tomorrow. I take off at 7:55am to Chicago where I’ll meet up with Doylie, Kirk, Manney and Holmsie…


Just watched a great episode of LOST on DVR…my favorite show on television by far. CAPS hanging on in their series with the Rangers, so all in all, a solid night of TV, and now I’m headed to sleep.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

5:45am ET:

Slept in 15 minutes extra…who invented the SLEEP button on alarms anyways?! All it does is spell trouble for me. I gotta rush and get out the door. It’s about a 45 minute trip door to door with parking, etc. Plus, I’m super tired right now and must shut down the computer to finish packing. Go Stealth.

12:00pm PT:

Well, I’m in a Crowne Plaza bus right now with a few of the guys headed back to our Hotel (and no, this time I did not whip out the computer and continue blogging…that’s weird…BUT, I am keeping true to you and doing it on my handy IPHONE). I had a very unhealthy lunch, but I consider it okay as I plan on Chris Hall dominating us in practice. Answer: slice of pizza and Quizno’s sub.


Headed downstairs for film, then practice. No time to chat, plus, this blog is getting long…get on with it.


Brett Manney (my roommate/unreal athlete/one-v-one defender) and I went out to dinner to carb over-load prior to game. We’re back at the hotel now and watching some Pacqiauo/Hatton 24/7. This show is EPIC. There’s nothing more on TV that gets me more fired up to crush the turf and play hard. Boxers’ go through some unbelievable training…call them 140 lb’ers, but they are as quick as lightening…Good night!

Friday, Gameday:

8:30am wake-up:

Grabbed breakfast downstairs, and a great one at that. For me, I’m checking out as my mind can’t deal with much stuff other than the game today. So I’ll talk to you afterwards…thanks for stopping by.

-    Sort of anti-climatic as I never got around to blogging the Saturday after the game (and because I’m not a poser, I refuse to make up a Saturday blog from the airport, especially while I’m sitting in my room wrapping this up). But I will say, big win for the boys! Our O threw 20 digits up on the scoreboard and kept the score keeper busy all night.

So…I start over this week and begin preparing. Stay good.


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