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The Rabil Blog is Back!

06/01/2009, 10:54am PDT
By Paul Rabil
What’s up Stealth Bombers?!

Long time no blog…
I know we’re not the NBA, so fortunately, we weren’t required to attend a post-game conference after the Calgary game about a month ago. Had we been required, I might have pulled a Lebron James and skipped it…Just kidding. I’m a huge LBJ fan, but must admit, when you’re a professional athlete, you need to act like one, be it in the face of winning and losing. College athletes’ emotions are played with often, and to be fair to them, they are not on the professional stage and being paid to deal with the day-to-day tasks a professional must. For me, looking at a professional athlete, they must do three things. Prepare on and off the field for games to keep themselves in peak condition so that they can perform (and exceed) expectations; they must perform during games; and they must fulfill all of their duties in their contract, i.e. do “X” amount of media conferences before and after games. Sure, LBJ’s fine may be minimal compared to his annual net worth, but I need to see a bit more out of him coming up…

Take a look at sports in general right now. I know the lacrosse fan may not easily equate to the Tennis supporter, but right now, I’m watching the #2 player in the world, Roger Federer, take the court 2 sets down in the French Open, saw Rafael Nadal, the #1 ranked player in the world lose for the first time in who knows how long…the Cavaliers, the regular season NBA champs go down in 6 games to the Orlando Magic?...and myself, along with the my teammates for the Stealth, go down in Calgary in the Western Conference Finals. My point? Well, this is what makes sports so amazing and, in my opinion, some of the best entertainment in the world. If games were decided on paper, everyone would work in the office. Athletics is about competition, upsets, victory and defeat. It’s how you handle it that will make you into the best player you can be…

That aside, let’s talk about where I’m at now.
I’m currently playing in the MLL for the Boston Cannons; a good group of guys with a lot of talent. We got off to a slow start losing our first two games by a combined 2 goals (reminds me a bit of the Stealth season)…We just picked up our first “W” in Chicago at Soldier Field this past Saturday. The experience was great – playing where the Bears battle – in a great city with two teams desperately trying to get back on track. This Friday night we play Long Island at their place, and look forward to getting back to .500 and building some momentum…

After the weekend I’m heading straight to Bryant University in RI to prepare for Team USA tryouts. For me, this is the ultimate honor and duty. I’ve been preparing for this moment since I graduated at Johns Hopkins. My ultimate goal, be it down the road or whenever, is to play for my country, and ultimately captain the team. I feel like there isn’t as much emphasis on Captains in sports in America. If you look at the NHL, the NLL (relates a lot to the NHL), soccer in Europe, and of course Rugby; being named captain of your team can be the greatest honor. Of course with it comes both positives and negatives, but to lead your team in practice and out on the field in games, is truly a remarkable position. But for now – my focus has been to be in peak condition for the USA games, and to have the opportunity to play for my country. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Until next time – I’ll be less long-winded…

Paul Rabil

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