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Get to Know the Stealth: Jason Bloom

09/03/2009, 6:14pm PDT
By Washington Stealth

Back in July, the Washington Stealth added some local flavor to the squad, acquiring Jason Bloom in a trade with the Boston Blazers.  A two-time captain for Ohio State University, Bloom currently lives in Mercer Island, Wash., with his wife and new son and coaches at the Overlake School, located just 26 miles south of the Stealth's new home in Everett.  Bloom helped lead Overlake to a State Championship last season.

When the six-foot, 205-pound transition player isn't pouring root beer floats at Aquasox games (see photo above), he's tracking down loose balls, scoring goals and D-ing up the opposition on the rug.  Bloom has been in the NLL for three seasons, playing in Colorado in 2007 and 2008 before heading to Boston last season.  The Vancouver native has spent his career in the NLL traveling a great deal and is excited to play close to home in 2010.  "I'm fired up to play in the same city I live in," said Bloom after the trade was announced.  "There's a great lacrosse community in Washington and everyone here is excited to have the Stealth in town.  I am pumped to be a part of it."  In 35 career games, Bloom has recorded 20 goals, 25 assists and collected 112 loose balls.  Here are a few questions to help the new fans in Washington get to know Jason Bloom.


When did you start playing lacrosse? How did you get your start?

I started plaing at the age of 4, for Coquitlam Adana Fighting Dragons.  We were unbelievable, were well coached and had the biggest goalie in the league (which at that age means everything).  But we lost in double overtime to the Port Moody Silver Thunderbolts that year... a truly devastating loss at that age that, as you can tell, I still haven't overcome.  I started playing lacrosse to have something to do while hockey season was over, and have played the game ever since.  I didn't start playing outdoor lacrosse until age 10.

What do you like more: playing indoor or field lacrosse?

Although I enjoy field lacrosse, I prefer both playing and watching indoor.  I think the indoor game is much more exciting because it's played at a faster pace, is more aggressive and has more goals.  It's a high-paced game: there are rarely breaks during the game and unlike hockey, a 3 or 4 goal deficit doesn't really matter much.  I think that fans are attracted to the game for a number of reasons, as it possesses some of the best aspects of a number of different sports: the hitting of football, offensive plays and back-and-forth speed of basketball, mentality of hockey-except with more goal scoring.  Probably true to most sports, our game continues to be played at a faster pace as the quality of athletes is continually getting better.

What is your favorite lacrosse memory?

Winning our conference my sophomore year at Ohio State and playing in the DI NCCAA Tourney for the first time in school history.

What made you move to Washington?

I recently moved to Seattle from Pensacola, Florida this past May to take a job as a commercial real estate broker with GVA Kidder Matthews in Bellevue.  I recently completed classes for my MA's degree at the University of West Florida and our family jumped at the opportunity to back to the West Coast (I grew up in Vancouver, BC).  It was a great opportunity and we're thrilled about our move to Seattle.

What are your hobbies outside of lacrosse?

I help coach high school varsity lacrosse in Redmond at the Overlake School, and enjoy playing all types of sports with golf, raquetball and bocce being my favorites.  To be honest though, beating fellow Stealth member Steve McKinlay in bocce all of the time is starting to get a little boring and I am hoping that he finds some finesse to his golf game.  Our first child, Jackson Bloom, joined us just over two months ago so our lives revolve around him and we are learning to function on less sleep and more caffeine.

What are your three favorite places to eat in the Seattle area?

PF Chang's is alwas a great choice, but the Pump House and the Ram on UW's campus are always safe bets.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you bring with you and why?

I'd probably bring my lacrosse stick to mess around with, a Jet Ski to have fun on and a blackberry to stay in touch with friends and family (and to also keep up on the Canucks, who are finally going to win the Stanley Cup this year... guaranteed).

What are your three favorite movies of all time?

Slap Shot is a classic, Caddyshack and any of the 14 or 15 Rocky movies.

Do you have any pre game superstitions?

Too many to list: I am probably worse than a goalie.

What are your goals for the rest of your lacrosse career?

I am really looking forward to suiting up with my new teammates this January and my only goal is to win the NLL Championship.

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