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Get to know the Bombshells: Tricia

11/02/2010, 9:14pm PDT
By Washington Stealth


When you watch the Bombshells on game days, you can see their personalities translate into how they perform.  Bombshell Tricia is no different.  She’s an extremely dedicated, motivated, and confident person; something she illustrated in her first season with the Bombshells and has proved throughout her life both in and out of the dance studio.

Tricia’s dance career didn’t start with dancing.  She started gymnastics at a very young age and ended up being a gymnast for 18 years.  When she was in first grade – very early in her gymnastics career – her gymnastics instructor made it mandatory to start taking dance classes.  Even as a first grader, Tricia was dedicated to her craft, looking to improve her gymnastic career through dance.

“That was my first experience with dancing,” she recalls.  “We started with ballet and jazz; they didn’t have hip-hop dance classes back then.”

She continued her jazz and ballet training through high school and used her new-found moves as a cheerleader, earning captain her senior year.  After high school, she went to Washington State University, where she expanded her dance resume, including hip-hop and modern dance classes with her jazz and ballet training.

Tricia also continued cheerleading at WSU and in her senior year, was given a unique opportunity for an undergrad.  The athletic director at the university saw Tricia’s dedication to her craft and motivation to improve the squad and offered her the coaching job.  She was also provided the opportunity to start the Cougars Dance Team.

It was a daunting task for anyone, let alone a person trying to complete her senior year of college.  “It seemed like a lot to handle at the time,” says Tricia, who earned her degree in Public Relations with a Management minor at WSU.  “But it gave me internship credits I needed to graduate and it turned out to be a great experience.”

That same drive and determination led her to the Seattle Supersonics in 2003, where she spent two seasons with the NBA team.  In 2006, her dance career took her overseas, as one of five women selected to represent the USA as a cheerleader in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.  She also gave back to the dance community as a dance instructor for PacWest Cheer, where she traveled all over the Pacific Northwest and Alaska with the group.

Tricia continues to travel all over Washington in her current job.  After spending five years running her own wedding planning business, she became a territory manager for medical devices.  The position requires her to train doctors all over the state on using a device and procedure to help treat esophageal cancer. 

It creates a hectic schedule for Tricia, especially with Bombshells practices back in full swing.  But for her, being a part of the Bombshells is worth a potential six-hour trip: she’s not ready to hang up her dancing shoes yet.

“I loved it last year with the Stealth,” she says.  “I love dancing and performing and it was so great to reunite with a bunch of girls from the Sonics.  [Indoor lacrosse] is such a fun game and the fans really welcomed us and latched on to the Bombshells.  Hopefully, it will be another championship season!”

The season begins January 8 with the Stealth traveling to Colorado.  Tricia and the Bombshells will get their first chance to show off their new dance moves at the Stealth’s home opener on January 9.  Until then, here are a few more questions to help you “Get to Know” Bombshell Tricia.

Who is your favorite Stealth player?
The 'Beast from the East" Paul Rabil, because I appreciate how aggressive he is on both offense and defense!
Most embarrassing story that happened while you were dancing?
During a recital when I was in middle school, there was a part in the dance that we had a set of high kicks. Well, on my first high kick I got a little ambitious, and kicked so hard my bottom leg came out from under me and I went straight on to my back on the stage in front of everyone! All you could hear was the sound of 200 people saying "OOOOHHHHH" Yeah, good times!
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I don't know why, but I always wanted to have the ability to be Invisible!
Who would you take on your dream date and where would you go?
I would have to say with my significant other on an extended weekend trip to Vegas... We would see Phantom of the Opera on Friday, then Garth Brooks on Saturday, and each night eat at an amazing Steakhouse! Relaxing at the Spa during the day would just top it off :)

Who would play you in the movie about your life and what would the title of the movie be?
I would have to say Jennifer Aniston or someone similar, and the movie would be titled 28 Dresses (only because 27 Dresses is already taken). I use to plan weddings, and have been a bridesmaid more times than I can count on my hands! 
You have a friend in town for one day. What would be the one thing in Washington you would recommend they do?
I would have to say the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields in April! It's one of the most beautiful sites to be seen!
Three items you would want to have with you on a deserted island?
A Pilot, a plane, and a full tank of gas... Okay, I know that would be too easy! So I would have to say... and I know it shouldn't be my first priority... but I can't live without floss... and for that matter, a toothbrush! So that knocks out 2 of the 3. The 3rd item would have to be a knife (a sharp one)!!


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