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Get to Know the Bombshells: Whitney

11/11/2010, 11:55am PST
By Washington Stealth


As we continue to Get to Know the Bombshells, we continually learn that this talented group aren’t just pretty faces that provide entertainment on Stealth game days.  They are professionals and students, all pursuing career goals while maintaining their passion for dance.  They all had a unique path that led them the Stealth and the Bombshells, but one thing remains the same: the drive to be the best at whatever they do.  Bombshell Whitney is no exception.

Whitney got her start in the dance studio at the age of three.  She continued through elementary school and in junior high, joined the school dance team.  She attended Kentridge High School, where the Chatelaines dance team is consistently among the best in the state and produce a lot of professional dancers.  Bombshells Director Jillian Boprey and fellow Bombshells Kelsey, Sarah and Natalie are all Kentridge Chanelaines products.

“Dancing at Kentridge is where I really started to consider dancing professionally,” says Whitney.  “We traveled to Texas, Oregon and all over Washington for dance camps and clinics.  We were given great opportunities there and had some great mentors.”

Whitney’s time with the Chatelaines really shaped her outlook on dancing beyond high school.  She was also an athlete at Kentridge, playing basketball and volleyball along with dancing.  But at age 16, she made a choice: she decided to pursue her dream of dancing professionally.  She didn’t want to abandon her inner jock completely, even at age 16 she dreamed to someday become a member of the Seattle Supersonics dance team.

Whitney stayed close to her Kent, Wash., home and went on to attend the University of Washington.  She was a member of the Huskies Cheerleading squad, where she further developed her love for sports, especially anything that involved the purple and gold.

“I am a BIG Husky fan,” she says.  “After cheering there it becomes your life.”

While she completed her Social Sciences degree at UW, she continued to perfect her dancing craft at the Eastside Moving Company in Bellevue. 

Whitney got her chance to pursue her dream of being a Sonics dancer prior to the 2006-07 season, but a jet ski accident two days before the audition landed her in the hospital.  She underwent reconstructive surgery to correct the facial injuries she sustained and her Sonics dancing career would have to wait another year.

“Of course I was disappointed to miss out on auditions after my accident,” she says.  “But I had even more drive to dance professionally when I auditioned the next year.”

She did audition the next year, and made the team.  She spent the 2007-08 Sonics season with the dance team, but as we all know, it was the final season for the Sonics in Seattle.

After a year without the Sonics, Whitney was given an opportunity to try out for a new professional team in town, the Washington Stealth.  She knew what lacrosse was and had seen it grow around the state, but the arrival of the Stealth brought a new opportunity for her to get back to dancing for a pro sports team.  A number of other former Sonics dancers were auditioning for the Bombshells, and she decided to give it a shot as well.  Being a big sports fan, Whitney was hooked from her first game.

“I love the fast pace of the game; the high energy on the floor and in the crowd,” she says.  “The fans are amazing and the team’s supporters are very loyal.

“We took a risk coming in and working for a sport we didn’t know a lot about.  I learned a lot about the sport in my first year and it has been awesome.  It’s a different atmosphere [than the Sonics], the fans are so passionate.  I absolutely love the Stealth, from the front office to the players to the fans.”

When she’s not dancing, Whitney is an Executive Recruiter for Opti Staffing Group.  She originally went to the company looking to get a job through them, but they were so impressed with her, they offered her a job there.  She juggles her day job with the Bombshells’ practice schedule, appearances and Stealth game days.  It’s a busy life for a Bombshell, and we’re glad Whitney is willing to do it.

Who is your favorite Stealth player and why?
Rhys Duch. He is so exciting to watch, and has a great name! He is definitely my fav!

What would be the name of the movie about your life, and which actor would play you?
I think it would be "Eay, Pray, Love." I am currently building my professional career, my love life, and my social life! I just got a new job, I am getting married, and purchasing a home! Trying to figure it all out in this great big world! The actor that would play me would probably be Helen Hunt, just because that's who everyone says I look like. But I would want to be the "really cool" Helen Hunt, like from "What Women Want," or "Twister." The confident women!

What is your favorite food to make?  Favorite at a restaurant?
I love to cook everything! But, I do NOT bake. I am a cheese and/or sauce person. A good cheese or sauce can make or break a dish! My favorite food at a restaraunt is definitely the fiesta cheese fondue at The Melting Pot. I am addicted!

Three items you would want to have with you on a deserted island?
My phone, my phone and my phone? Does that count? I hope so!

Favorite moment from the 2010 Stealth season?
I have three! At the beginning of the season, the season ticket holder party was awesome! It was my first introduction to lacrosse and the Stealth, and it was amazing to see how many loyal lacrosse fans there are! I also loved getting to perform back in the Key Arena during the playoffs. And of course, winning the NLL championship! It was such an amazing feeling being down on that field when they were playing "We are the Champions" and confetti was flying everywhere!!!!

In your Bombshell bio it says you love reading the Twilight series.  Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Definitely team Edward. Jacob was just jealous of Edward's immortality, so he resorted to becoming a dog. Talk about a cry for attention!

Your favorite part about being a Bombshell?
I love performing. That is a true passion of mine. But performing for the loyal fans of the Stealth? That is definitely the best part!



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