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Get to Know the Bombshells: Lauren

11/17/2010, 5:35pm PST
By Washington Stealth


Bombshell Lauren was a bit of a late bloomer compared to her teammates when it comes to dancing.  She didn’t get her start as a dancer until she entered high school.

Lauren says she was “a girly girl” growing up, but her father had other plans.  He got Lauren into basketball at an early age, and she loved it so much that she began to dream of playing in the WNBA.

“My dad wanted me to be the son he never had,” she says with a laugh.  “I was pretty good [at basketball] when I was young, I was taller than all the other girls.  I really got into it; I had Sonics basketball cards and wanted to be a professional player.”

Lauren continued playing basketball through junior high, but when she reached high school in her hometown of Sammamish, she and a few of her friends decided to try out for the High School dance team “on a whim”.  She made the team and found her new passion for dance.

Lauren went on to attend Gonzaga University, where she got to watch a lot of high-quality basketball up close as a member of the Gonzaga dance team.  She continued her dancing throughout college, and danced two seasons for the Spokane Shock of the Arena Football League.

She hoped to return home after graduation and dance for the Seattle Supersonics.  Unfortunately, after earning her marketing degree from Gonzaga, the Sonics had already left Seattle for Oklahoma City.

Another opportunity presented itself for Lauren with the newly relocated Washington Stealth coming to Everett last year.  Lauren tried out for the team and spent last season as a member of the Bombshells. 

“A bunch of the Bombshells were Sonics dancers,” Lauren explains.  “So making the Bombshells was awesome because I could dance with a talented group of women and for a pro team.”

While many of the Bombshells started dancing for the Stealth without a lot of prior lacrosse knowledge, Lauren has a family connection to the sport and even played a bit herself growing up.  Her uncle is John Baumann, head coach of the Bellevue boys’ lacrosse team that won the state championship last season.  She also got the opportunity to play a little lacrosse in gym class in junior high school.

“Lacrosse is in the family,” she says.  “My whole family is from New York and lacrosse is everywhere back east.  So I’ve been exposed to it.”

And having spent the Stealth’s inaugural season in Everett watching the fast-paced, hard-hitting action of the National Lacrosse League, Lauren has become an even bigger lacrosse fan.  And you’d be surprised what part of the game she enjoys the most.

“I enjoy a little bit of a fight or altercation,” she laughs.  “And the closing moments of a close game when the intensity really picks up and the crowd is on the edge of their seats.  I love the atmosphere of live sports.  It’s such an adrenaline rush to perform in a sold out arena.  The championship game last year was awesome.”

When Lauren isn’t entertaining the masses at Stealth games, she’s putting her marketing degree to work as a Marketing Specialist for a salon products wholesale distributor.  And when she has time for a vacation, she tries to visit her favorite vacation spot, Hawaii (Lauren is part Hawaiian). 

But for now the Bombshells are practicing twice a week in preparation for the upcoming season.  You can see Lauren and all of the Bombshells live at the Comcast Arena when the Stealth open the 2011 home schedule on January 9 against the Calgary Roughnecks.  In the meantime, here are a few more questions to help you “Get to Know” Bombshell Lauren.

Who is your favorite Stealth player and why?
T-RICH! Defense wins games, Tyler Richards is the ultimate stopper!  

What is your gameday routine before you perform?
I'll sip an energy drink or Starbucks on my trek to Everett and then prepare to sharpen my elbows as I fight off the rest of my teammates for a spot in the tanning salon! Once we get to the arena we practice our routines on the field and try not to get hit by flying balls and lacrosse sticks! 

What is the one thing you own that you couldn't live without?
My sweetheart yellow lab, Peaches:)

What is playing on your iPod right now?
The xx. I just saw them in concert and I can't stop listening!

What would be the name of the movie about your life and which actress would play you in the movie?
Devil Wears Prada! After graduating college I moved to Texas to pursue a career in fashion, but much like this movie I ran into a few obstacles (to put it lightly!). I would choose Natalie Portman or Audrey Hepburn to play me. I admire their sophistication, intelligence, style and class:)

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Hmm this is a tough one. I've always wished I could read people's minds, but flying or time travel would also be fun.

What are you looking forward to this season?
Another Championship win! I’m so excited to be dancing with the bombshells again this year and can’t wait to get out on that field and cheer on the best team in the NLL!


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