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Get to Know the Bombshells: Meghan

12/02/2010, 3:58pm PST
By Washington Stealth


Last season, Bombshell Meghan was the youngster on the squad, a fresh-faced 18-year old taking on her first dancing gig with a professional sports team.  Her more experienced Bombshells teammates gave her the moniker “Lil’ Meg”, but her determination to be the best dancer she can is anything but “Lil’”.

Meghan grew up in Vancouver, Wash., and in elementary school her focus was on gymnastics.  When her family moved to Auburn, Wash., she left gymnastics back in Vancouver.  Looking for something to fill the void, Meghan’s mother found a dance studio and signed her up for classes when she was in sixth grade.  Initially, Meghan struggled to take to her new activity, but luckily for Stealth fans, her drive to excel at everything she does triumphed, beginning the process that led Meghan to the Bombshells.

“When I started dancing, I hated it at first,” she says.  “But as I continued, I grew to love it.  I was determined to get good at it.  I always try to be the best I can at everything I do.”

Meghan’s love for dance continued to grow, and so did her talent.  She joined the competitive dance team at the Auburn Dance Academy, where she blossomed as a dancer.  She became really involved with the Academy and developed a close relationship with the instructors, who had close ties with the Sonics Dance Team, including former Bombshells Director Sheena Shive.

The Bombshells provided a new opportunity for Meghan, who’s dancing career prior to joining the team had been mainly contemporary and jazz dancing. 

“I had no idea what it would be like,” she says.  “It was a different style than I was used to, more of a hip-hop style, but I love it.  I love performing at the games and the adrenaline rush from dancing in front of the fans.”

The Bombshells have been training hard in the offseason in preparation for the 2011 season, and Meghan has been balancing that training with college.  She’s a sophomore at Bellevue College with the hopes of transferring next year.

Meghan admits that her mind changes often, but right now she’s hoping to trade the rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest for the sunshine of Southern California.  Her potential destination is Loyola Marymount University, where she plans to join the dance program.

Moving so far away from home makes the decision tough for Meghan, who is extremely close with her family.  It’s her family that has provided a tremendous amount of support for her dancing career since she got her start back in elementary school.  She credits them for shaping her into the determined, focused and “sometimes goofy” woman she is today.

“It would be so hard to move to California and be away from [my family],” she says.  “But I know they would support me no matter what I decide to do.”

But Meghan’s thoughts of moving are on hold for now as she gets ready for another exciting season with the Bombshells.  There’s a good chance you will see Meghan pop up again this year in NLL Insider’s “Girl of the Year” competition.  Last year, she reached the semifinals of the contest, which is based solely on votes by NLL fans.

“I had no idea they did something like that until I got a phone call to be interviewed,” she says.  “But it was really cool.  I think I was a favorite with the teenage boys since I was the youngest on the team,” she adds with a laugh.  “They could relate to me more.”

Lacrosse was a relatively new sport for Meghan, but like so many that see it for the first time, she was hooked on the fast-paced, high-energy action of the NLL from the start.

“It’s such a great sport.  I’m a big hockey fan and they are very similar.  It’s so competitive and the guys are so aggressive.  I love sports like that.”

She’s not the only one that fell in love with indoor lacrosse: her friends and family came out to support her last year and are already looking for tickets to see the Stealth defend the NLL title.

“Last year, I was trying to get people to come to the games and they would to support me.  Now everyone has been asking me all offseason when the season starts again so they can see the games.”

The season starts in January with the Stealth’s first home game on January 9 against the Calgary Roughnecks.  Fans can get their fill of the Bombshells and Meghan then, but in the meantime, here’s a few questions to help you “Get to Know” Bombshell Meghan a little more.

Who is your favorite Stealth player?
They are all superb--I would have to say Paul Rabil is most exceptional;)

What is your routine before you perform at Stealth games?
Before Stealth games I eat! Gotta get that protein! Oh, and you can't forget the seven hours of hair and make-up.

What would be the name of the movie about your life and which actress would play you?
Eat, Pray, Love, Dance--I am constantly discovering myself and my many different sides haha...much like Elizabeth Gilbert does in the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love. Rachel McAdams would play me.

If you could invite any three people in history to dinner, who would they be?
Um, Jesus (because he's Jesus...), Albert Einstein (intelligent men enthrall me), and Michael Jackson (the best performer/dancer/singer EVER!)

What is the one thing you own that you couldn't live without?
The reused water bottle in my purse-I don't go anywhere without my H2O.

As a native of Washington, what would be the one thing you would recommend to a visitor here for just one day?
The San Juan Islands. I've grown up going there ever since I was a baby (my grandma lives there), and there isn't any place more beautiful or serene.

Who would you invite on your dream date and what would you do?
  I've yet to find him. It wouldn't matter what we did because anything is amazing with your dream guy! :)



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