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Stealth Ticket Drive

Stealth Ticket Drive 655x352Looking for an exciting fundraising option?

The Stealth Ticket Drive is a program created for minor sports teams and community groups. The Stealth want to provide an opportunity for your team or group to experience a National Lacrosse League game while raising funds to support your cause.

How does it work?

The Stealth Ticket Drive is an easy 4 step process:


  • Pick a game during the 2018 regular season
  • Sell game tickets at a price point of your choice with no money down
  • Earn $7-8 for every ticket you sell, while generating funds towards your cause
  • Experience a Vancouver Stealth game at Langley Event Centre with your friends and family

The Vancouver Stealth will sell End Zone tickets to your group on consignment at a 30% discounted rate, for you to sell at your desired price, with your team or group collecting the difference. You will select a game of your choice while experiencing exclusive perks for your family and friends while at the game.

The more tickets you sell, the bigger discount you’ll receive:

  • If your group sells 50 to 100 End Zone tickets, your team will pay the Stealth $16.00 per ticket.
  • If your group sells over 100 End Zone tickets, your team will pay the Stealth $15.00 per ticket.

When do you pay?

Payment and return of unsold tickets will be due 72 hours prior to the game by either cash, cheque, or credit. Your payment must be brought to the Customer Service Desk inside Gate 1 at Langley Events Centre. You will be solely responsible for the safe-keeping of the tickets as well as the transportation of the tickets back to Langley Events Centre once a contract is signed.

If you have any questions about the Stealth Ticket Drive, please contact our Account Representatives at 604-882-8800 or

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